Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Travelling between Mumbai-Pune

Have you ever travelled by AC Volvo between Mumbai and Pune by MSRTC Shivneri.I would say these buses are really amazing.In an entire journey there is no frigging point where you can say this thing is not proper or AC is not working well or ride is not comfortable.It has all the plus points for safe and comfortable riding.I would give 9 out of 10 points.1 point for recent price hikes.Earlier it was Rs 200 from mumbai-pune and vice versa.Now they have raised their prices by Rs 25.Its not at all correct.I know their have been fuel price hikes but they shouldn't be raising it my Rs 25. Come one if they take 25 from each person then entire amount they take is 25 * 40 which is Rs 1000.Petrol prices have hiked by 5 rs and diesel by 3 rs.I think they are charging more than extra.And there is no notice,no news in papers nuthing.I think they should raise it by Rs 10 it would have been fine.I have been travelling by these buses for 6 months now.I had never faced any problems as such in travelling. But I guess now I have to. I want to do some savings so I will probably be travelling by train or by Mahabus. Mahabus is also a good ride but not as good as AC Volvo Shivneri. MSRTC has lost one customer.

You can check it out the site though.
They have provided lot of information on the site.The one which caught my attention was getting time-table throught SMS. You can get the time-table of a bus service from station A to station B. For more information visit

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